Black woman with dog and plants on shelves

About Gabrielle Thompson

My name is Gabrielle Thompson but you can call me, Gabby or the "Plant Baby Mama". When I am not tending to my plant babies I am an Elementary Educator and a Dog Mom to my sassy Doxiepoo, Bennett. My interest in plants was fostered during the quarantine in March 2020. I spent the entire time with my Mama, who has been into plants all of my life. I've always noticed them but I never paid attention to her relationship with them. She cared for them meticulously every morning and I noticed when they would grow she would be so proud and happy. I wanted to have that same feeling. She gave me a Golden Pothos to propagate and the rest is history and now we share this hobby together!

About Plant Baby Mama

I started the Plant Baby Mama on Instagram in June 2020. My goal is to share my journey into building my perfect urban jungle with all Plant Baby Mama's, Daddies, and Plarents as I make discoveries, take "plant adopting" trips, and make mistakes all done with honesty and joy.

Let's Collab!

Have a dope product? Or want to provide an engaging, fun workshop for your company? Wanna work together?! I am very interested in working with you! Email theplantbabymama@gmail.com to get this started